Monday, June 10, 2013

week 100

I told you last week about Geoff.  He is from Coventry and I met him back when I was with Elder Gomez. His daughter was baptised a couple years back and lives in Paris!  Awesome!  Well he is the man of men! And I want him to be baptised!!  He has been investigating about 8 1/2 months now, that's a long time and the worry right now is, he knows it's all true and he wants to be baptised, he just isn't sure when.  So now, because it has been long, it is leaving room for doubt to creep in and second guess.  He is wondering again what his purpose is, which is fine we all question, but it worries us because we feel he is digressing.  But we will continue to see him and encourage him!  The bishop is helping us by contacting the bishop in Coventry and we are working to help him. 
I have learnt that life is all about finding clever ideas and ways that work for you to help you endure to the end.  So I'm trying my best.  I'm far from perfect, but I am trying to be my best.  
Oh I love Costco, and we didn't get to go last week because we didnt have enough time :(  So maybe we'll go next week, not sure.  I'm not sure what it is like inside,  I know the rules here are much more tight than in the states.  You cannot have a membership here if you don't run a huge business.  So I wouldnt be able to walk in and have a membership.  Memberships are rare hahaha.  The food court is inside, thats about all I know.
I'm excited to meet the missionaries in your ward and go out teaching with them!  Tell them to watch out--I hope they are ready for an Earths Best Mission missionary EBM=England Birmingham Mission hahaha!

Elder Steel is doing really well. Today he is Elder Barton because he forgot his name bagde at home and I had 2 on me hahaha so we're more of brothers today lol.  Last week was the week I started cutting down and giving over.  So he has lead us everywhere so he knows the area better, now we switch off every other day so I can still be an example to him.  This week I'm gonna help him really know the area book and give him some more responsibilities, some senior days and full leading days so it should be good.  He has gained a lot more confidence so I'm happy!  I really do love and care about him, even though I dont always show it.  We are getting along a lot better.  I am trying to be myself and I tell myself that THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE being someone I'm not, an it has really helped me to be happy. 
I almost forgot to tell you about the miracle we saw on Saturday night!  It had been one of those days when no one was listening or willing to listen.  Doors slammed, people yelling, we were tired, but we pushed on and we were gonna head home to do some work on our area book and its about 7:30.  I turn to Elder Steel and say "I dont know about you but I'm craving a McDonalds milkshake right now!"  and he looks at me and laughs and says, "YES!!" hahahaha so we GQ, golden question or street contact, to the McDonalds and Elder Steel waits outside by the bikes and I go in and get the milkshakes.  Well I turn around and am walking out and Elder Steel is talking to these two ladies in their 50's at a table, one is drawing a sweet sketch tiger and so I walk up and we get talking and they ask us a question and then say "Well come on, sit on down and tell us more about your church." hahaha so we were like yes definitely!  So we sit down and Elder Steel is talking to one and answering questions and I'm talking to the other and we pretty much taught them the restoration and why we have the Book of Mormon and how it can anwser questions of the soul and help us come closer to Christ.  We were able to give them both a Book of Mormon and we are seeing them both on Saturday!  It was a miracle in McDonalds!  It was amazing!
Things here are really good!  I'm learning more lessons, like no one can compel us to do anything and grow from it.  We know what it is that we must do, we know we must rely on the Lord, we know we must read, pray, and go to church. The Lord has provided us with the tools to do it, so it comes down to this......JUST DO IT.  That is all it is. 

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