Monday, June 17, 2013

week 101

The members and missionaries here never cease to remind me how long I have left hahahaha jk but I'm not distracted, excited no doubt, but I know I need to and want to push hard and work hard this week!  This is my last week after all and I want to finish with a bang!
Things here are really good, we have a couple of potential investigators, one of them is a family with two little kids.  They are from Poland. Yakshimash!! haha that's Polish for "how are you?"!  We have a decent teaching pool and a really big potential pool, we dropped two of our investigators this last week, they just weren't keeping commitments so unfortunately we had to say we will still come round because we are your friends, but until you do the important things we leave with you, we can't help you progress.  It's hard but crucial in helping them see that it is important.
We saw the McDonald's ladies at a pub the other day it was pretty cool.  We helped answer some questions but they didn't seem tooo interested, but they brought a friend who seems pretty interested, we are seeing him Wednesday afternoon.  He is pretty cool, he has been clean for 1 1/2 years and he really wants to find God.  He seems pretty cool!  
So I told the dinner cordinator that it is my last week and guess what?  We have a dinner every night up to when I leave hahaha awesome!!
Elder Steel is doing well, I've thrown him into the deep end a couple of days this week in sticky situations and made him get us out of it, not the nicest but it's how we learn.  But this week is his senior week so he is leading out and making the decisions and taking charge.  He is great and he will be fine, I have full confidence in him.  
Today we are going to Leicester to hook up with some other elders and play some ultimate frisbee, so that should be fun! 

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