Monday, June 3, 2013

week 99

The Leslie's are AWESOME!! I love that family sooooo much! 
I think sometimes it's hard right now, because I'm slowly handing everything over to my companion; but, I want to "do it all" because I'm so close to the end.  But I need to let him lead and be in charge otherwise when I leave he will be lost.  And that is the hard part.  I found a quote for that though....
"Some people think its holding on that makes one strong, but sometimes its letting go."
and another......"Moving on, is a simple thing.  What it leaves behind is hard." 
I need to be unselfish and realise, which I kind of have, that if I do it all because I'll never get to do it again, I'm not really helping anyone, I'm just pleasing myself and then when I leave, I leave people to fail.  I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to learn this lesson.  It's good. 
What a small world, that Elder Houghton would be in my mission.  The name Houghton is familiar.  I know Elder Wood, he was in Nottingham in our district.  And Stroud is by Swindon, my greenie area!!  hahaha I will have to call him and see how he is doing.  That's well cool.  
I'm excited to meet the missionaries when I get home, maybe I'll act like a golden investigator and toy with them hahaha (jk I wont that would be mean).  We always joke about doing stuff like that though,  act like an English investigator and give them a run for their money hahaha.
Things in Loughborough are good.  This week actually has been really good and time has gone relatively fast, because I was being myself and working hard.  I only have 3 weeks left- that is sooooooooooo crazy! Where did it go?  I don't feel like I have been out 2 years at all!  I'm excited to work hard this last part of the mission. We are working hard, we are working on our finding.  We want to use the Book of Mormon more in our finding to answer questions.  So it should be good.  We have a couple of investigators, they are doing well, but none too close to being baptised, except Geoff.  He is still around and is SOOOO close to being baptised!  He knows it's true and right he just wants to do it for him, which is awesome!  So he understands. The only thing is he feels he has to prove himself, which he doesn't because he is willing and he is humble!  He will get baptised, I have no doubt about it, I just wonder when. 

I'm loving Loughbourough!  It is probably my favourite area!   Today we are going to Costco!  I'm gonna get me some muffins!  We have a good week planned out, we have some service, some teaches set up, lots of finding, district meeting, I'm going on exchange this week, sports night, weekly planning, and 5 dinner appointments!  Its gonna be a gooood week! 

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