Tuesday, October 4, 2011

week 12

Mission Football was yesterday.  There are two Mission Football's.  One in the North Zone and one in the South.  I'm in the south zone so we met up in Cardiff, Wales and played at a local field.  There were three teams.  Team Cardiff, Team Myrther- Tydvill, and us Team Cheltenham.  There were three games and then a final for the best two teams to duke it out for the championship.  We played Cardiff first and won 3-1.  We then played Myrther- Tydvill straight away with no break and lost 2-1 :(  Its ok because then we got a break and played in the finals and WON!!  CHELTENHAM CHAMPIONS!!!  In the final match I got the ball and broke away on a fast break and almost scored but then I got tackled hahaha.  It was really fun and I loved just hanging out with other missionaries and having a good time. 
Michael and Elder Lyman
Michael and Elder Tonga


Cardiff Castle
We were able to watch General Conference.  I'm pretty sure the only one we watched live was the Sunday Morning session, but we watched it at night haha.  The Provo Temple--Thats so cool!!  We watched one session at a member's house and the rest at the stake centre on Sunday.  We were there from 9 til 7--long day. 
Here in Swindon it's been crazy busy these last couple of weeks.  I mean it's October!! We were able to see our new convert last night and he is going back to America to secure everything.  He said when he comes back he hopes to have the Priesthood and to have been to the temple to do baptisms for the dead.  He is awesome and a really good guy.  Even though he got baptised in America it was the best thing for him. When he got baptised the ward was notified 1 hour before and tons of people showed up and he enjoyed it and felt loved. We are working with 2 other way cool investigators. I love them, and they are determined to find out if this is true and for them. 
We were able to do service for a lady in the ward.  All the lawn mowers in England are electric....
and small hahaha
We are working a lot with the members to get referrals and gain the trust of the members.  We feel that it is really working and making a little difference.  We are working hard and staying busy.

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