Monday, March 4, 2013

week 86

So transfers were on Saturday and boy oh boy do I have news.
So first off, Elder QB and I are staying together again! This will be our 3rd transfer together, he is my longest companion.  Then they split our zone, it used to be the Nottingham/Leicester Zone and now there is a Nottingham Zone with ZL's and a Leicester Zone with ZL's. Which gives more leadership positions to handle all the increase in missionaries.    So now we are in the Leicester Zone which makes sense because we are in the Leicester stake.  So we moved districts as well, before we were in the Nottingham district but now we are in the Westcotes district in Leicester.  Yep there is more.
So we have another set of missionaries in Loughborough now, its the Zone Leaders.  So they have a car and I will bum as many rides as I can lol!  They have their own posh flat on the other side of town.  It is really nice and in a good area.  They are cool and now there is 4 of us so its crazy.  We split the area to make it easier to work and it is good we have the east side of Loughborough and all the villages like Sileby, Quorn, Mount Sorrell, and East Leake. That's where the train line runs so we can actually get out there. So it makes sense.  It's good we are going to hit these areas hard, now that we have less ground to cover we can work more effectively and efficiently. We pick an area and work that area  the whole week so by the end of the week the area has been destroyed lol and we move on to another area. 
We are expected to have an increase of 100 missionaries by the end of 2013.  We have about 150 missionaries right now so that's about 250!  I'm not sure how many sisters we have, but I would guess maybe 20-25 sisters, but we are expected to get loads more.  Every sister in the mission will be training at the end of this transfer. We are supposed to be getting 30 odd missionaries at the end of this transfer and then 20 odd at the end of the next one.  It's absolutely crazy!  So things are pumpin over here!  I see that by the time I go home every area in the mission will have at least 4 missionaries in it!  It will be insane!

The ZLs have a meeting tomorrow where they will find out all the news for the next couple of transfers and whether they will be 5 or 6 weeks.  

It is starting to pick up on the temperature here, but it goes up and down all the time.  So one day it's warm and sunny and the next it's grey and windy. Welcome to England. It's okay you really do get used to the fact that everyday is a gamble for the weather.  I usually end up bringing everything so that I am prepared for whatever weather happens hahaha!
Yep so we met the DVD man in the park Saturday and we taught him the first discussion and did a how to begin teaching (which is basically where you go and figure out their religious background and what their beliefs are) and then you tell them what your job as a missionary is and how we are guides here to help you find answers to your questions--something like that. Then we taught a brief introduction to the Restoration and the Book of Mormon.  We left him with a Book of Mormon and we are seeing him next Sunday :)  He is cool, he is looking for a religion and believes in following God in his own way. So we asked him if he had ever prayed to know what God wants him to do and he said, "no not really, I always thought He just wanted me to believe in whatever way works for me", and we commited him to read the Book of Mormon and to pray to know what God wants him to do.  It went really well!

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