Monday, March 25, 2013

week 89

Wayne was a former investigator and when I first got here we taught him a couple of times but he flogged(cancelled or didnt show up) us 14 times so we dropped him.  Then we picked him back up with QB and taught a couple of times and then the same story; and he really wanted to be baptised before Christmas but he wasn't keeping commitments like church, reading, and praying. But he called us one day and said he would like us to come over and he was keeping appointments but not commitments and we were wondering what Wayne needed to progress. So after some time we set him with a date and told him here, this is your date--the 13th of april.  If you want to be baptised on that date, prove it.  And off he went . He came to church and he was reading, really well, and he was keeping commitments and over those two weeks Wayne changed so much.  He wasn't even the same. He embraced the gospel and allowed it to change him. It was amazing teaching Wayne because of the change we saw in him. It was awesome.  So we prayed and discussed and felt we needed to move his date forward because he was progressing and ready, so we moved it to the 23rd of March and he was soooo excited!  He continued to progress and keep commitments, so on Wednesday after district meeting President came down and interviewed Wayne for baptism, and he passed!!! 

Then on Thursday and Friday it snowed alot. Which was amazing and beautiful....

But, the baptism was supposed to be Saturday after the ward party so everyone could be there.  But the ward party got cancelled because of the snow.  So Saturday morning at 8 o'clock we got a call saying the party was cancelled, and we went into missionary extreme planning.  We called people to come to the baptism, got to the church and filled the font, shoveled the car park so there was no snow, and called people to bring cakes.  And on Saturday, 23 March at 11:00 Wayne was baptised into the church!!!!! 

It was a crazy amazing day! I asked him how he felt after the baptism and he said, I feel different.  I feel good and I about cried. It was awesome to see this man completely turn around and now is a member of the church.   Then on sunday we only had sacrament meeting because of the snow and Wayne was given the gift of the Holy Ghost and sustained andwelcomed into the church and the ward. 

Things here are going great, we are doing loads of finding because now we have one less investigator so we are trying to build our teaching pool.  We have a couple of potential investigators that could turn into something. We will see what happens and this time I promise to keep you updated on it. hahaha  We had sweet dinners this last week with members! i love the members here! I would not mind finishing my mission in Loughborough!  It would be cool and long (lol) we will see, we have interviews on Thursday so I will most likely speak to president about it and see what he thinks. 
Here is the quote of the week for you, this one is from Brigham Young.
"Salvation is an individual operation."   Good huh? I liked it.

This is COSTCO!!  So we went and we couldn't get in! Elder Hansen didnt have the right number, so we tried buying one and they said we couldn't because we were not employed, so we were like can we at least get a hot dog and they were like no sorry we only sell to members!  STUPID. 

This is the funniest little 3 wheel truck hahaha we saw it and I was like yes I must have a picture of that!

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