Monday, April 1, 2013

week 90

Our easter was good.  We spent a nice easter meal with the richeys!
It was awesome.  I love them so much!

President's interviews went well, he was asking me what I wanted to accomplish
in these last two transfers and I froze. Because the way he phrased it was scary.
But I said I wanted to accomplish whatever the Lord asks of me and I want to put my
all into doing it.  I'm excited!!!  I have no idea what is going to happen this transfer all
I know is that 31 missionaries are coming in this one and the one after that and the one
after that hahaha so that will be in the next 4 1/2 months 93 missionaries coming in!!!
Absolutely crazy!  So transfers are on the 10th of April.

This week has been good.  It has definitely been a finding week.  We have probably
tracted 3 streets a day, if not more.  It's been good.  We have seen miracles and we got
8 potentials this week. It has been amazing!  The Lord is truly blessing us for our work.
We were doing some tracting and we met a Scottish Muslim. He offered to give me a koran, the english translation and i was like yea! and he laughed and we got a return appointment--it was awesome!!!

We found this guy a couple weeks back and we taught him this week and he became
a new investigator and he came to church on Sunday!!!  He enjoyed it and said he felt
the spirit so that was good.

We went to this village, Normanton which is along the River Soar and so we head off and
take the canal paths because it will be quicker, well we get to this point where the path
turns into a trodden over a section of a field hahaha so we are walking our bikes through it
and it is muddy as!  It was so bad. Well we get to the village....just one problem, its on the
other side of the river hahaha. Well no worries, we will cross the bridge, oh wait there isn't one!
There were only ferries but they weren't running. So we walked back and it was soooo dark
so we took a wrong turn but we saw some lights above a football pitch so we just walked toward
that and ended up by the ZLs flat, we were like what the heck!  How did we get over here!

This week has been good!  We have seen the Lord's hand in our work and we have truly been
blessed.  I am excited for this week! We are going to finish the transfer strong, since this is the
last full week.  We will see miracles this week I know it!

Above--This is Kebab--basically it's donner meat which is supposed to be lamb, but nobody really knows.  Sounds good right, well you get it on chips with a ketchup and garlic mayo sauce.  It's quite good, but you can feel your arteries clogging.

Below--Jenga Tower

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