Monday, April 8, 2013

week 91

I loved conference! I loved Quentin L Cook's talk and L. Tom Perry's talk.  I love how you only get as much out of conference as you put into it.  It was really cool!  We caught a lift with the Zone Leaders and drove to the Stake Centre in Leicester, Evington, and we watched it there.  Donnella was in Utah watching conference and Wayne watched it at a member's home and he really enjoyed it.  He said it was a "revelating experience" hahaha he is awesome. He is preparing to recieve the priesthood next week. 

Transfers are on Wednesday. But p-days will always be on Monday, no matter what, so that's quite nice!  We find out tonight what will be happening. But this is what I do know. Last Monday evening I got a call from President Rasmussen and he has asked me to train.  I said yes, so my last two transfers I will be training. I do not know where I will be training, but I hope I stay in Loughborough!  I'm soooo excited and nervous and all sorts of feelings hahaha it's weird.  So I went to the trainer's meeting on Friday and in the room were 31 trainers because this group coming in has 31 lol and the next group has 31 and the next group has 31 hahaha that is 93 new missionaries in the next 4 1/2 months! INSANE!!!  Also I saw Elder Dutton at the meeting! He is training!!! Hahaha it's awesome!!
Things here are going well, we are finding and having success and seeing miracles.  We have some good potentials that are turning into investigators and our investigators are progressing.  The Lord is really blessing us here. 
Thursday we had sports night and I hurt my back, but don't worry I'm fine. I'm quite mad at myself for doing it because it's my last 3 months and I want to work hard and I'm getting a boy in 2 days but this won't stop me. I'm going to be smart and effective and work hard but relax and heal as well. This simply means we will have to work smart and with members to get referrals.  Last night I had a thought that there must be an opposition in all things.  But IF we are OBEDIENT THEN we are blessed.    
I'm so excited for the next couple of days and what will happen.  I'm going to do what I can do and trust in God to take care of the rest. I have an obvious weakness now but that hasn't stopped God in the past from turning it into a strength so I'm excited to see what my new companion, God, and I can accomplish this upcoming transfer!

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