Monday, April 29, 2013

week 94

This week was good, but trying for sure.  We haven't had a new investigator all transfer.  We are finding loads of really cool people, but none of them hold out to turn into investigators.  But there it is, that's missionary work for ya!  Again, God wants me to learn something that I need to know.  I have learnt that lesson the most on my mission, there must be an opposition in all things. In order to know the good, we must know the bad. 
The Good!  Wayne got the priesthood and was ordained a priest!!!  So that was sooo amazing to be a part of!  He is beaming!  When I saw him he really did look brighter and glowing! It was awesome!  Its moments like that that make this work amazing.  We are in the business of saving lives, both spiritually and physically, and when people take the message we share on board, it changes their lives forever.  I feel so blessed to be involved in this work.  We have the opportunity to help people come unto Christ and change their lives.  Yes it may be challenging at times, and other times we might see loads of success, but no matter what happens we are helping people to return and live with their Father in Heaven. 
The zone leader's had a baptism on Saturday, but apparently the chap getting baptised didn't get the memo.  We had a ward party at the chapel and then the baptism right after, but when it came time, the guy just didn't show up.  It was really sad because he was doing soooo well. He was sooo happy!  I felt bad for the ZL's. 
This week will be good we have district meeting, and a trainers meeting and I'm going on exchange with the ZL's.  It should be a good week, hopefully we get a couple of teaches, and we have 5 DA's so that is always a plus!  Oh and we have sports night! 
There is about 2 weeks until the end of the transfer and then it is my last transfer. 
I have set goals and made plans and I'm going to work so hard and talk to everyone!  We are going to rely on the Lord and turn to him and as we work we will see his hand in our work and see miracles.  I'm sooo grateful for this chance I have had to serve.  It is an experience I will not forget.  I have had sooo many experiences that have shaped me and made me who I am today!  I love it!

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