Monday, April 15, 2013

week 92

So here is all the news. 
Elder Steel, Michael, Elder Dutton (Michael trained him several months ago) and Elder Dutton's new missionary.
My new missionary's name is Elder Steel.  He is one of the 18 year olds. He is from Gooding, Idaho.  He has 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  It was a rough week I won't lie. Not only am I training a new boy but I'm district leader as well.  hahaha what is happening?

Michael and Elder QB
I was with Elder Quackenbush for 4 1/2 months and I really loved being with him. We got along great and totally knew each other and it was a little bit of a shell shock to go to someone completely new.  
Elder Steel is is a quiet kid which is also hard because Elder QB never stopped talking hahaha but I've realised that this is life and we get comfortable and like being with someone and then everything changes and we are kind of frazzled.  So thats all. I'm doing well, I just pray and read the scriptures and just try and talk and laugh a lot. 
We had a moment last night. I hit breakthrough and we talked about not being perfect and how we can't expect to reach it in the mission.  We will always make mistakes and he was saying how he just thinks he can do better and we just talked about it. It was good. He needs to relax, have fun, and enjoy being here.  So we're good. 
But I'm still in Loughborough, which means I will finish my mission here in Loughborough.  That will make it 9 months hahaha sooooooo long but I wouldn't have it any other way.
The ward is amazing, the area is amazing! IT is just AWESOME!!!
Yesterday the ZL's came and worked with us for a bit and we gave out 14 Books of Mormon and got about 11 potential investigators!!!!  It was an amazing day!  So that helped us alot with building our teaching pool so now we just hope they hold and we can get at least 1 new investigator from it.  So things are good here. 
Yep, my  hurts a bit but it is soooo much better, I haven't been on the bike in forever and I've been wearing my saddle bag for ages. The doctor still is saying take it easy and no biking but we have found loads of people anyway, that's one thing I love about our area, you really could walk it all the time it's gonna take time but you could.  It takes about 1 hour to get to church and that's about the farthest we would walk.  

Things here are good. I'm excited to be here but I won't lie its hard knowing i dont have long left.  I want more than anything to finish strong, I've worked hard my whole mission I can't just stop now!
Michael and some of the elders (except probably the one in the middle) 

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  1. This is SO much fun to read....Elder Steel also talked about this night and how much it meant to him!
    I am sure he warmed up and wasn't near as quiet! I sure wish I would have found this wonderful blog months ago!