Monday, March 11, 2013

week 87

I love that I'm staying in Loughborough, and that I'm staying with Elder QB.  He is the man and I love serving with him!  I have been in Loughborough a while, at the end of this transfer it will be 6 months in Lufbra.  

There is just 1 ward in Lufbra, about 150 members. It is such an amazing ward! I love them!  We split the area down this street called Epinal Way and its the main road that runs through Loughborough and so that was the easiest way to split it.  We get the east side and they get the west. The train line runs right down our side so we can still catch the train and get to the little villages that are on our side.  They have a car because they are ZLs so they get all the west side because there aren't any train lines over there so it really makes sense.  The trains are actually quite good, because they got remodeled for the London olympics. Why you ask?  Well the Chinese Olympic team was based at Loughborough University so that is pretty awesome!!  The trains run pretty regular to all the main places we need to go like Nottingham, Leicester, London lol, Birmingham, and all the villages.  It's good.  The members are pretty evenly divided throughout all of the area. Most are in the main part of Loughborough, but there are the members in the villages as well.  

The area is doing really well. We have been working so hard and found some really cool people this week and got a couple of new investigators. It's way good!!!

Here is a note to everyone that is mission age and worthy to go...
DO IT!!  A mission is the best decision you will ever make and I promise you, you will never regret serving, but you will regret not serving.  Go on a mission and find the joy that comes from the gospel. see it change peoples lives. see it change your life.  I love my mission and I have learnt so many lessons and have grown so much in so many ways and I wouldn't change these past two years for anything because they have been so memorable and priceless. I LOVE IT.  So if you doubt or are trying to fight the system, stop it and go and do what you know to be right and serve the Lord with all you have and you will love it!!!!

I love this week because it changed me. I have learnt so much these past couple of days and I know it was just at the right time because I'm ready to hit the ground and work and let everyone know about the Book of Mormon and the happiness the gospel brings into our lives!   A good quote I found this week and applied.  You know me I love quotes lol
"the key to change... is to let go of fear."  

So today will be fun because we're actually in Leicester and we're going to play some basketball with the boys here. It will be a good pday!  These guys are soo amazing, all of them we are good friends and we know that what we do is true.  

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