Monday, May 20, 2013

week 97

This week is going to be soooo incredibly busy, it is just going to fly right on by.  We have a meeting tomorrow, then we have a pretty busy day on Wednesday, then we have zone conference on Thursday and sports night, then Friday we have weekly planning and a couple of appointments then Saturday we have an appointment and Sunday is church!  It's going to be insane.  Thursday will be a good day and hard-- I give my departing testimony on Thursday at zone conference.  Weird. 
Things here are good. I will finish in Lufbra and Elder Steel will be my last companion.   I really wouldn't have it any other way though. I love Lufbra and the people are awesome!  I love it all!!
We are seeing miracles happen really just this last week or so.  We are working with a part member family, the husband is not a member. Well they fed us the other night and we taught them after and he said he knows the Book of Mormon is true because it doesn't teach anything that goes against what God said in the Bible. And I was like wait what hahaha SWEET! So we are having him pray to know the priesthood has been restored because we feel that is really the only thing that could hold him back--but I'm soooo excited to see how it goes, we are seeing them on Saturday!  Plus we found this new investigator that lives in this village north of us called East Leake.  He used to be taught and he says that when he knows these things are true he will be baptised.  He has a wife and a son, we aren't too sure how interested they are but who knows still a miracle!  So much potential this transfer for miracles to happen, I'm soooo excited!!
The weather is back to its unpredictable English blah.  Yesterday it was baking and today it is a sheet of mist hahaha gotta love it :) 
Things are good here.  I'm looking forward to an awesome week!  So it shall be good!

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