Tuesday, May 28, 2013

week 98

First off, sorry I didn't email yesterday, it was a bank holiday here yesterday and the libraries were closed.  We also went out hiking with an awesome family, the Leslies, and also this other family in the ward and an elder came back to visit for the week so he and his wife went with us.  It was sooooo beautiful and soooo fun!  

Thursday was really good actually.  There were four of us there bearing our testimonies.  It was hard to be honest, but I did feel a lot better after I was able to bear my testimony so that was good.  I was able to speak with some other chaps in my group and it is comforting to me to know that I'm not the only one who is has these feelings and thoughts.  We all are.  

Elder Brewer (in my group)

Elder Frary (in my group)
Things here really are good, we are so blessed here.  We have a good ward and a good area.  We are finding people and we had at one point this week 6 people we were going to be teaching but half dropped us so now we are down to 3.  We hope and pray we will find people to teach this week and invite them to be baptised.  It should be good.  
The members are awesome!! They are soo supportive and nice to us, it makes the job alot easier when the members are nice. 
Things are on the up and up!  I'm excited for the rest of this week!  Good things should be happening!   

Elder Call

Sisters Forbes and Goulding

Elder Quilter

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